How to Become an Astronaut in BitLife?

How to Become an Astronaut in BitLife?

Becoming an astronaut in the video games is one of the interesting choices and one of an adventure. Many games let you fly in space from the get-go, whereas others require the player to put in a lot of effort in climbing the game ranks to work towards this dream. BitLife is a game that falls under this second category. While it is a real hassle at first once you get the tricks and tips under the bag, doing it is a breeze. Today, we bring to you a comprehensive BitLife astronaut guide and easily teach you how to become one. For those of you who need to know how to become an astronaut in BitLife, stay seated. Also Read: How to Become a Pilot in BitLife?

BitLife Astronaut Guide – the Special Career Guide

Follow these steps in order to become an astronaut within BitLife.

· The first thing you need to do is to buy your special Astronaut Career Pack.

· You need to get your Pilot License along with the STEM degree.

· Join the Space Academy and train for performance building.

· Apply to the game’s Space agency to become an Astronaut officially.

Below, we are going to explain each step on how to become an Astronaut in BitLife.

Astronaut Special Career Pack

Before you become an astronaut in BitLife, you will be asked to purchase the special career pack for Astronauts. This Astronaut Special career pack is of about $6.99, or it can vary in price as per your region. So, yes, to answer the obvious, you must need to spend real money before getting this job in BitLife. If you have already purchased the Boos Mode, you can get this Astronaut career slot for free.

Having the STEM Degree & Pilot Licence Test in BitLife

The next crucial step is for your character to have the STEM degree and afterward take the Pilot Licence test. To get your STEM degree, you need to enter a university and opt for a major in disciplines like

· Science

· Technology

· Engineering

· Mathematics

The safe thing would be to choose mathematics and engineering as your majors. You can still opt for subjects like chemistry and biology.

Most of the time, people choose an Engineering major as it helps land a NASA job fairly easily.

As for getting your Pilot Licence Test, it is a slightly hard job that requires one to have a minimum of 40-hour flight lessons before taking their pilot test. For this, one needs to follow these steps along with thousands of dollars and 40 hours of classes.

· Activities > Licence > Flight > School

From here on, you need to go back to Licence pick the Pilot Licence Test, and answer each question there perfectly.

How can I graduate from Space Academy in BitLife?

Once the character has its STEM degree and the pilot license, now is the time to enroll at Space Academy. For this, follow this path:

· Occupation > Special Careers > Astronaut > Space Academy

In the Space Academy section, enroll for the program. Like a university in real life, you can ask for a scholarship or pay real money and attend the program for 2 years.

In this 2-year duration, you will be trained to perform as an Astronaut for real before you graduate. At the start, the progress bar will be in red signal, an indicator of a failing grade. However, one can raise it high enough to make it Green. There are going to be 3 different training options for Space Academy.

· Fitness training

· Flight training

· Technical training

In order for the player to raise their character’s performance in BitLife and graduate successfully from Space Academy, they need to use these three training methods multiple times until all of the stats reach a maximum. Only then can you become an Astronaut in real life.

This is a BitLife astronaut guide to explaining the steps not the actual answer. We say this because there is a part of the Space Academy where one needs to answer the technical training questions for becoming an Astronaut. These are specific questions based on real-world knowledge. In order to get them all correct, one needs to research to look for the right answers.

How do you apply for the career ‘’Astronaut’’ in BitLife?

Once your character has graduated from the Space Academy with all the 3 stats maxed out; they are now eligible for applying in the Country’s Space Agency. In fact, as soon as you graduate from the Space Academy, there is going to be a notification or a pop-up of sorts asking you if you wish to apply for the Space Agency or take some time off. You are free to choose to join the agency right away or take some time off and go back to the Astronaut Special career section to apply later.

Whatever your choice is; you will need to apply to the agency directly and answer their interview questions just right to land the career of Astronaut in BitLife.


Our final words on the BitLife astronaut guide is that this is a straightforward method. One needs to first buy either the Boss Package or the Astronaut Special Career package and graduate from the university with a science-based major to get the STEM degree before taking their pilot license test. Once both criteria are fulfilled, you can head over to enrol at the region’s Space Agency and max out your training methods before applying for the region’s Space Agency.

Once you have completed your Space Agency program, you can take the time off or choose to join right away. One more thing that you need to keep in mind is that a 40-hour flight time is mandatory before even taking the pilot license test. This is a straightforward method, and there are no tricks to just breeze through it. Additionally, you will also be paying real money out of your pocket to buy the career pack.

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