InstLife APK v1.2.3 (Unlocked All) Download

InstLife APK v1.2.3 (Unlocked All) Download

InstLife Android latest 1.2.3 APK Download and Install. Try our free life simulator game, it’s like your life.

Instlife is an energizing game which we play like real life. From birth to death, this is a reality-based game in which players make many plans and they also face success and failure as well just like a real life. By the game character, players affect their life in reality in both positive and negative ways. This game is just like based on the life of a player, as he/she is born and is away from the right and wrong things of life and doesn’t know about life experiences.

After childhood players decide which will be their school, or college to get school study and higher study, where to go for a picnic, what will be their favouritism, who will be their life partner and much more like in real life they decide how to spend their life. Players also decide their extra-curricular activities like going to the gym, playing games, singing, acting, designing, cooking and other activities rather than studying.

In this stimulating game players also decide about their future after study, remain up to date about the job listings, apply for the best matching job and start their professional career. They focus on hard work in order to get more promotions and incentives. They tend to struggle to qualify for a CEO of the workplace earn more money and buy the things and luxuries they want in their life. This achievement is considered to be the most important in this game.

InstLife APP Overview

NameInstLife APK
PublisherCandywriter Holdings
Size16.2 MB
Updated On1 Hour Ago

It can be considered a drawback for this game, that it has graphics that may not impress the players and not much attractive, but every game has different looks as the real have. It is very easy to install or download this game on Windows and Android with the easy steps.

APK Information and Requirements for Android:

  • Android must have supported its latest version 4.1, 4.1.1 or higher.
  • APK size is 16M
  • App introduced by InstCoffee games
  • Android 16 support for the Android version
  • Can be downloaded by Google Play
  • APK application package is com. instore.inst life
  • APK content rating is Mature 17+Violance, use of alcohol and drugs

Important Features Instlife APK:

  • This game can be played offline even you have not an internet connection
  • It is a real life changing simulation, and it has new adventures and experiences in every phase of life.
  • If players want to get a property or house then they have to do a good job with a higher salary and promotions. If you will fail in this target then players can buy the property or house through instalments or mortgage.
  • There are many job choices according to the qualifications and this allows players to study according to their job choice and get success and promotions.
  • Here are chances to meet with your dream partner by meeting different type of persons, it can be the job place and also can be a university cafe or library. You grow your relationship by meeting, calling and having a great meal at a famous restaurant. If future partner is according to your dream and thinking then it’s time to propose and get marry.
  • Players can be a driver and can die in an accident, can be a great famous musician, can be a chef in a restaurant and much more as per your choice category.
  • There is a platinum album level in the game which releases at the age of 17, no need for a higher qualification for this level.

Permissions for APK:

  1. Open the network sockets first
  2. Read and understand the required network information
  3. Get access on the WiFi network
  4. Choose and write external storage in the option
  5. At last read the external storage information

How to install Instlife on Windows:

Download and install LD player Android Emulator > Open LD player > Drag Instlife APK > start

How to install Instlife on Android:

Go to Instlife apk > click “install” > Follow steps and start


Instlife APK is a game that is also called a life simulation game. Players enjoy playing this game as the real life from their born moment to their death moment. They make thousands of the decisions and face the hurdles and failure in achieving the success. They do a job in order to become a CEO of the company and also work hard. Instlife APK is very easy to download and install in Windows and Android.

To play offline without having an internet connection, players enjoy this feature as well.
Instlife has little sessions to perform which lasts every five minutes, and players have to pass the session during these five minutes. If they fail to achieve they have to play it again, but they have only some chanced to live again.
This is not graphically attractive game as it doesn’t have artworks or animations like other games. But all games have their own graphic features and appearances according to the theme of the game.


This game is called life simulation game. Why?

Yes this game is a life simulation game as it copies the ultimate life from our birth to our death moment. Players make thousands of the decisions and become successful or face hurdles like a real life. They can die with losing the hope or go forward with the achieving the target again and again.

Is it a text based game?

Yes! This is a Text based game or a digital life game, no enjoyable graphics or animations are there for developing the player’s interests. In simple words all games have their own display features and can be graphically attractive or not.

Does Instlife allow players the full control to the life?

Yes Instlife allows players to having full control the character’s life and players can choose each session and step according to their choice as they want.

What is a basic drawback of Instlife Game?

It has short time period for each session which can divert the players’ interest to pass all the levels. Each session ends for the five minutes only, which is not easy to complete the session accurately for some players. So, this is considered a basic drawback of the Instlife Game.

What is each level’s time period?

Each level of this game duration is only five minutes and last after the five minutes.

How this game is narrated?

This is a text narrated game and there is no artwork in this game. Players choose different type of texts.

Will the character die after five minutes session?

Yes, if you will not achieve the target successfully the character will die, but there are many life chances to live life again in the same session.

How to become a CEO in the Instlife?

Firstly players have to study hard and choose the educational level according to the interests and then qualify the degree in highest grades. Apply for the top rated job listing, interview and get hired. Achieve the job targets with hard work; get promotions again and again in order to become a CEO of the working place or company. In simple words, this is not easy to become a CEO in this game as like a real life, more hard work and struggle is needed.

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