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Download BitLife mod APk (Unlocked Bitizenship, Godmode), life is simulated under choices, players decide their own life.

Name BitLife – Life Simulator
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Everyone is curious about the creation of his body (meaning life) and wants to know more about it in detail. What if you got a simulator where you learned about everything from your life to death? BitLife MOD APK is a realistic simulator where you learn about life from birth (sperm) to the creation of a baby.

The ordinary to the important things affecting life and many unanswered questions you will find here in this game. Whether you are a medical student, a biology lover, or a curious kid, this game will excite you more. User also like: Castle Streaming APK

Are you still confused about this exciting game and don’t know more about it? We have written this article to give you all the details about BitLife APK, its features, how to play BitLife, and much more. So, don’t wait; read the complete article and know everything about your birth. Yeah, it’s a fantastic opportunity to clear the concept of birth mysteries.

What is BitLife APK?

It’s a hot game these days because it reveals several things about birth and death. Enhance your experience and know everything about your birth parameters and how they affect your whole life. There are unlimited possibilities that affect life after birth. From the beginner’s guide to the death exploration, the game is the ultimate fun for everyone. Yes, the game is rated for everyone because it excites everyone, whether a kid, a youngster, an adult, or an older.

Simply, it’s a birth simulator that reveals everything till a person’s death. Whether you are a fan of medical games or the simulation genre, it might be a perfect choice for you. Moreover, it’s easy to play, and everyone can complete the missions with a little knowledge. It doesn’t cost anything, and you can play it anytime, anywhere you want due to its offline availability. Whether you want to become an engineer, doctor, teacher, or belong to any profession, this game depicts how life goes for a person with full customization.

Bitlife App Gameplay

The game starts like a person’s life in reality, i.e., a kid. It depicts how you start a life and end up to death. Here life is in your hands and you can select everything at your fingertips. Isn’t it great? The gameplay will show how you complete school and high school. You can apply for admission to higher studies if you are willing to study further.

An amazing part is that it allows you to choose or reject your friends according to your choice. Click to increase the age and know the effect of your selection. There are different real-life scenarios to add feelings, such as health, smartness, happiness, and looks. Like in real life, if your happiness is zero, the character will feel depression, anxiety, and stress.

Similarly, if the health line is zero, the character will die. Depression and anxiety decrease when the smart is up and vice versa. So, you can control emotions, which can increase your lifespan.

Lastly, BitLife Mod APK- Life Simulator is developed by Candywriter LLC and has an overall 4.4 rating which is awesome. It has 10M+ downloads, depicting its popularity among users. Everyone can play it, but it’s officially rated for Mature 17+ on the Google Play Store.

Important BitLife Game Factors

It’s a different game than the ordinary ones, which excited the users the most. If you are willing to play it, here are some factors that need attention such as:

  • Occupation: When you select to give birth, the career option is hidden in the game. When the kid grows to 6 years old, the game gives them the choice to go to higher education after primary. Similarly, it goes from college to higher studies with an option of a career such as a Journalist, teacher, doctor, etc.
  • Relationship: It allows you to make relationships like in real life, such as friends, parents, spouses, and colleagues. Further, the player can love them in different ways.
  • Wealth: Financial management is crucial, and the game provides an opportunity to save and spend money like in real life. Buy houses, land, and hotels, rent or sell them, and enjoy real life.

Time: Time is wealth, and you can’t repeat the past in the game. So, make sure to make fewer mistakes as you try in real life.

Bitlife APK Key Features

Check out the remarkable features of the simulator below:

Evaluate Yourself

This game offers an all-in-all evaluation process based on various important life factors. Happiness is the crucial element because, without it, the character will go into depression and meet death in the end.

Health is wealth, and the same is true in the game. Make the character’s health above 50% to prevent depression, less happiness, and other similar issues. Be smart to understand the surrounding circumstances, and it affects the look

Enjoy Different Real-life Activities

Bitlife IPA simulator brings several activities to perform like a real person. Working is a boring activity, but it’s necessary to earn more and meet the daily requirements. Clubbing, gym, dancing, and casino are some perks to enjoy your life. If you look ugly, have plastic surgery as people get in real life.


Make relationships like new friends, family, spouses, or colleagues. Choose the right person in your life to start a family life. You can have your own kids or an option to adopt others. Sit together and bring laughter to your life.

Create a New Life and Control it

Here comes a section at the beginning of the game to start a new life. Give birth to a new baby and control everything until it grows up. Choose a career, have experience, have kids, and die in the end. It’s an ultimate life depicting simulator with several features.

Make Decisions

Make decisions and decide the character’s life. Selection actions, studies, career, profession, spouse, and present different stages of life. Control everything and analyze its impact as the outcome. If you are sick, go to the doctor, and here you have the choice of ordinary medicine or vaccination. In short, everything is under control, but you have to make decisions.

Graphics and Sound

The gameplay is exciting and boosts the player’s energy due to its engaging background sound. When you play, earn a reward, or perform an action, everything has a different sound. Similarly, the graphics are of high quality and eye-catching. The compatibility makes it easy to play on all the devices, whether you have an iPhone, Android phone, or even a desktop computer.

A Fantasy Life

The game provides you an opportunity to live a fantasy life with all such facilities and choices. You will get all the luxuries to live a dream life in the simulator. You can have a baby, spouse, and many other real-life things in the game and observe the effects.

BitLife MOD Features

The features are limited, and you have to face many annoying things in the game, such as ads and in-app purchases. The BitLife MOD version brings everything free of cost and unlocked for the users. Here, we have listed the main perks you can enjoy after installing the BitLife MOD app below:

  • Premium Version Unlocked: The premium features are unlocked, and you don’t have to pay your hard-earned money. Everything is pre-unlocked, and you only have to install the game to get started.
  • No Ads: Ads are always annoying because they disturb the player’s concentration. With MOD, the app automatically blocks all the ads in the background and provides you with uninterrupted gameplay.
  • All Features Unlocked: All the skins, characters’ features, and all character elements are pre-unlocked.

Everything is free and Unlimited: There is no usage limit for the functions and tools available in the game. Just install it and enjoy everything free and unlimited.

How to Download BitLife MOD APK for Android?

Have you decided to download and install BitLife on your Android phone? Let’s learn the easy steps to get it without issues:

Step 1: Download the BitLife modded version from our provided link on this website (

Step 2: Go to the phone’s settings and open the Security folder. Click the “Allow unknown sources” option to give all the security permissions.

Step 3: After that, open the downloaded APK file from the download option.

Step 4: Click the “Install” button and wait.

Step 5: After completion, open the app and enjoy playing the life game.


In conclusion, enjoy the good and bad events in the BitLife game by setting up different things as you want. A new game is waiting for you to have a biological and life adventure. It’s a great simulation game for teenagers and adults to observe life from birth to death, passing from different aspects. Download it now and enjoy it without limits.


Yes, we have tested it on different devices, including iPhone and Android phones, and found it 100% safe. So use it without fear of spying or security.

Yes, it’s 100% free and available to download to everyone. So click on the download button and enjoy unlimited simulation.

The game is rated for 17+ (teenagers and mature) officially on the Google Play Store. Therefore, if you are 17 or older, you can play it without any issues.

The developers usually recommend that the age of 17 is the minimum required to play this game. The developers of this game rated it for 17 years or older due to its content.

Actually, the content is for people older than 17 years old. The female pregnancy and other birth simulation is not for small kids.

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