How To Become A CEO In BitLife

How To Become A CEO In BitLife?

BitLife; the world’s best-known simulation game; is a realm of virtual possibilities. Among the countless career paths; the one that all covet to become on the corporate ladder is a CEO. The path to becoming a CEO from that entry-level position is indeed challenging but still an exhilarating one.

To become the CEO of the company in BitLife, one needs to have certain attributes and follow the guidelines of their job, and the rest will take care of itself. Although you might think this is an easy process, there are still players who struggle with the path of how to make it to the top. So today, we bring to you a guide on how to become a CEO in BitLife.

What is BitLife and how to become a CEO in BitLife?

BitLife is your popular simulation game which is adored by millions as it offers players intricate real-life roles in simulated reality. The game is made by the company Robolox which has many other simulated games like Little World, Mega Noob Simulator, and Adopt Me. Also read: How to Become a DJ in BitLife?

As for BitLife, it is a bit unique than others, offering players a realistic life representation. Within the game, your character is born with random attributes and each choice that you make either improves or deteriorates your character’s life quality.

There are many great jobs in BitLife to choose from, and CEO is one of them after your character completes its education. To become a CEO in BitLife, one needs to often grind the same elements of the game, but a well-planned strategy is all you need to make it to the top.

What requirement does my character need to follow to become a CEO in BitLife?

Following are some mandatory criteria that a character needs to follow to become a CEO in BitLife APK.

·   The Smart stat needs to be at least at 80%.

·   Leave the ‘Fertility’ stat and max out all the other stats.

·   Your character needs to study business-related subjects such as Economics, Finance, marketing or others in either school or at University.

·  The character needs to have good graduation scores, and if they fail, it will be a lot of trouble for you to become a CEO later on.

·  Character needs to later apply at the Business School.

·  Get a Corporate Job like that of an Assistant Vice President and gain experience of at least 15 years. 15 years is the least experience as it helps your chances of becoming a CEO.

How to Become a CEO in BitLife – a Brief Guide

Before starting your career as a CEO, you need to start normally as the others in BitLife. One needs to create a character and send them to the High School. Once at High school, choose subjects like finance, marketing, or economics and study hard. You cannot hope to get any setbacks in your academic pursuits at any stage of the path.

After your character passes from High School, they need to follow these few simple steps, and they will become a CEO in a short period of time.

·   Start by enrolling the character in a College and make sure they choose a major in programs like Economics, Finance, Business Management, or others. There is a field where you can see the subjects and choose the appropriate one.

·   Make sure to graduate with a high score. Following graduation, enroll in the Business School by choosing the option ‘’Seek Higher Knowledge’’. Again, you need to make sure that the character is studying consistently.

·    Following the Business School, you need to further raise your Smarts stat. To raise the Smart stat, you need to enroll in Graduate School.

·    Following the completion of the studies with good scores and all stats and attributes Maxed out, except the Fertility stat, now it’s time to land a job in the corporate sector.

·   Start you career by landing a job for the post of Assistant Vice president.

·   Work your way from this post to top rankings: First Vice President > Senior Vice President > Executive Vice President > Managing Director > CEO.

·  This entire process is quite a lengthy one and is going to take at least 15 years in-game. There are no shortcuts to this method and each step needs to be followed to letter.

The CEO Job in BitLife earns the characters a yearly income of around $190K. But you will be surprised to know that this is still not the highest-paying job within the game. Still, with this job, there come many great perks of being a CEO like a luxurious lifestyle for starters. If you are wondering what the highest-paid job in BitLife really is, it is that of a Lead Actor. This is because, with this job, the character gets many additional roles. As for the base salary, it is already very high.


To sum it all up how to become a CEO in BitLife it is indeed a challenging journey but ultimately a rewarding one. One gets to see the real-life complexities within the simulated environment. Moving through the educational foundation to navigating the twists of the corporate world the character manages to reach the top with their resilience, leadership skills, and strong ambition.

With steps like education, continuous improvement of the stats, networking, and decision-making; the character transforms from a simple employee level to be a corporate head. The guide on how to become a CEO in BitLife is surely going to help you achieve that virtual goal.

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