How to Join Goth Clique in BitLife

How to Join Goth Clique in BitLife?

CandryWriter LLC is the developer of the BitLife, a life-changing digital and text base mobile game introduced on 29 September, 2018. All real life activities are performing in this game in a digital way.  

In BitLife, players join many cliques but they are difficult to join as compared to the Goth clique. BitLife is a Digital game where players have to perform all activities like a real life, it is life-changing the game with a positive way. Players born here, maintain their character, study, play, marry with someone, and choose occupations and much more. A similarity of real life is difficulties and struggles, as they have to face in real life and in the BitLife as well.

Players life can be affect negatively too, as this game include the murders, bribery, robbing, stealing and much more crimes as well. Players join many activities in this game; here is a complete guide and criteria about the joining of Goth clique in the BitLife. Check also: How to become an actor in BitLife?

There are total 18 cliques of different category, and every clique category contains different requirement and criteria. All cliques have different methods of joining but it is simple and easy to join Goth clique in the BitLife.

How to join a Goth clique in school:

There are two basic requirements are to be considered to join Goth clique.

  • You have to be ugly, in other meaning not handsome or beautiful, zero grace or personality, zero appearances
  • You have to be an unlucky, un-happy, sad, aggressive, bored or bad habit personality

Only these two requirements are considered to be important in joining the clique. Once you got these two requirements, you have to go to join “Goth Clique” located under the “school” tab.

Basic Requirements of Joining the Goth Clique:

  • Start rerolling the characters to achieve the title of “low looks”. This is a simple and easy to fulfill this requirement.
  • Your high smart stat ratio should be only less than 20%, if not then you will be failing to join the Goth clique.
  • Here is an option of “God Mode unlocked”, when you will be able to reach at this mode then you can set low stats as per your choice.
  • After getting the low stats, you have to fulfill the requirement of “low happiness”. There are many methods to achieve this title as your past and recent unpleasant incidents such as to “experience traumatic and sad events”.
  • “RNG gods” are there in the game, which remembers the bad happenings in the past life, school life, childhood or at home. RNG gods will be proving very helpful in considering you a sad personality.
  • You can also dispose yourself “bad” by yourself.
  • You can increase the level of your “low Happiness” by choosing different cliques and rejected again and again to prove yourself as an unsuccessful person/player.
  • You have to increase “low Happiness” until you got this stat less than 30%.
  • Once you get the Low look stat, you will easily be able to join the Goth Clique.

Who cannot apply to join for the Goth clique:

  • Handsome and good looking have “high smart stats”
  • Well educated and well-experienced in educational activities
  • Spending a happy and successful life
  • Having the positive traits and characteristics in their personality


Can players join two cliques at a time?

No, players can only join one clique at a time. However, if you try to join another clique or gang then you will be rejected.

Are there any other cliques to join in BitLife?

Yes there are many other cliques in the BitLife as like Artsy kids, band geeks, Brainy kids, gamers, drama kids, Hipsters, Loners, Nerds, Normals, Popular Kids, Skaters, Trouble makers, Talented Kids, Social Floaters, Weebs etc.

Is there any clique for female players?

Yes, “Mean Girls” is a clique only for BitLife female players, in which females with engaging in gossips and crave popularity are encouraged to join.

What are Tips to get the “Low Looks Stat” in joining the Goth clique?

Players have to do several activities to prove them as “Low Looks stat” as bad diet, bad dressing style, failure in educational and non-educational activities, bad talking style and less beauty etc.

Is there only two requirements needed to join the Goth Clique in BitLife?

Yes, there are only two requirements of “Low Looks stats” and “Low Happiness”. If players qualify to achieve these two requirements they can easily join Goth clique in BitLife.

Is there any clique whom female players cannot join in BitLife?

Yes, “Jocks” is the clique that is only for the BitLife male Players. Male players must be interested in the athletes to join this clique.

How to live a good and positive life in the BitLife?

By developing the positive traits and abilities in your life, earn money in a good place, study great, work hard, patience, calm, loving and caring personality are all ways to choose in order to spend a good and peaceful positive life.

What is a fast tip to go “low Happiness” level?

You have to choose a clique, with a bad title and join it again and again and also rejected again and again. For example, mean girls clique joining, as this is a bad clique and you have to join it again and again until your reach at the level of red at “low happiness”.


BitLife is an interesting and entertaining digital life Game, in which players spend their life in a positive and negative way as they want. They affect their life as playing this game and by performing the strange tasks. There are many interesting cliques in BitLife but Goth Clique is easy and simple and also has minimum requirements to join it.

To join a Goth Clique is a thrilling level, which is very simple and easy to join. Only two requirements of having “low look stats” and “low happiness” are included, those are important to fulfill. These two requirements fulfilling are enough to join the Goth clique in the BitLife.

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