How to Become a DJ in BitLife

How to Become a DJ in BitLife?

BitLife is one of the most popular Simulation games in the world. The game allows the players to pursue different kinds of career paths, and among the exciting ones, there is one for the DJ. In this simulated world, one can be from humble beginnings, but they can rise to be an International Sensation with fame and stardom. Command the crowds on your tunes and beats. So, if you ever dreamt about making a huge crowd groove by spinning some tracks, then stay tuned. We offer to you a comprehensive guide on how to become a DJ in BitLife.

How to Become a DJ in BitLife – Step-by-step Guide

Becoming a DJ in BitLife is a fairly easy job but still it involves a lot of steps. In this guide, we will explain each step of the way and how you can become one.

1.   Lay the base: Cultivate Your passion Early on

Each story of a DJ begins with their passion in music. The same is the case for BitLife, as you need to instill this passion into your character from an early age. Encourage the character to explore the path of the music in multiple ways, like

·  Playing instruments

·  Joining the school band

·   Private music classes

All of these early experiences are going to set that early base for your character to become a DJ later on. One more thing that you need to focus on in your character’s path is to raise their Creativity & Intelligence stats. A well-rounded character is able to go through the intricacies of the music industry with an effective approach. Engage in the activities that help boost these creativity and intelligence attributes to tackle the challenges ahead.

2.   Education and Skill: optional yet crucial

A formal education might not be mandatory to become a DJ in BitLife, build your chances to become a DJ increase significantly with a degree in Music or other related fields. This gives the character a theoretical background. One can choose a suitable degree program by going in the tab ‘’Education’’.

Another great thing is to invest your time and resources to develop your practical skills. This involves enrolling in ‘’Special Careers’’. These special lessons give the character the necessary skills of a DJ, like:

·  Scratching

·  Crowd Interaction #

·  Beatmatching

3.   Invest in Equipments for real Practice

As your character gets the education and the extra lessons, it is now time to invest some dough in buying instruments for them as well. For that, go to the tab ‘’Assets’’ and buy the first gear for your DJ. Start with buying simple equipment that you can upgrade as your character gains more funds and necessary experience.

Practicing daily is necessary to master the skill of becoming a DJ. There is also an option ‘’Practice DJing’’ in the tab ‘’Activities’’ to increase the character’s prowess. The more time spent on practice, the more your character’s skills improve and ultimately help their chance of becoming a competitive DJ.

4.   Land a Gig – Build that Reputation

The world of DJ is competitive and thus your character needs to perform live shows. You can start by seeking out simple small gigs at places like Clubs and Malls. In the tab ‘’Occupation’’ look for the option ‘’Apply For Jobs’’ to find your DJing opportunities. There will be rejections at first but remain persistent. Hone those skills and keep applying for gigs until you get that first live performance.

With the gigs come the reputation and it is a dragging process. The more successful gigs you have, the more recognition you get. Attend these events to interact with other DJs to create your own game DJ network. This DJ network will help you get better gigs and in turn, improve your reputation.

5.   Networking – Foster Relationships for Reputation

Within the music industry, it is all about connections and same is the case for BitLife. If you are looking on how to become a DJ in BitLife, you need to foster relationships by engaging with other DJs. This is called networking and helps increase the character’s chance to get better high-paying gigs with a broader audience. Ultimately, as your reputation soars, you can sign a record label.

Make use of the social media feature of BitLife to start promoting the DJ persona. Do this by

·  Posting regular updates

·  Sharing videos of Gigs

·  Connect with virtual fans

This leads to an increase in the character’s visibility and allows better opportunities to come your way.

6.   Release your Own Music

Success in the DJ world comes with the creation of original music. Characters in BitLife get to both produce and release a track of their own. For this, simply go to the tab ‘’Activities’’ and select the option ‘’Produce Music’’ and create that new sound. The more tracks a character releases, more reputation they garner.

7.   Be a full fledge DJ with record labels and Nightclubs

As the DJ character gains its increased reputation, it is now time to think beyond the individual performance. You can open your own nightclub or create a record label. This not only gets extra money but also solidifies your reputation as a DJ sensation.

To open your Nightclub, go to the tab ‘’Buy a Business’’ and select option ‘’Buy a Business’’. From there, choose the option ‘’Nightclub’’ and become the owner of a thriving business.

How to become a DJ in BitLife – alternate method

This is a simple method as compared to the previous one, but ultimately it is a widely used one.

·  For this method, your character does not need to go enroll at a university.

·  Simply age your character to 18 years and unlock the option ‘’Full-time Jobs’’.

·  Within these career listings, go down till you see the career ‘’Disk Jockey’’ aka DJ. There will be no DJ career as it is an abbreviation.

·  Be advised that being a disk jockey is a full-time job, and if you do not see this job then you need to age your character more and check the career list once more.

·  When you click on the career of Disk Jockey, you will be asked for an interview. Pass the interview and become the DJ.

·  Work hard to be a famous DJ

This is only the start of becoming a DISK Jockey in BitLife, but the journey ahead is a tough one. One needs to become famous. To be famous, you can take a look at the steps that we explained above. A good DJ in BitLife must have their shift hours a little above each week. A good hourly count is within 46 to 50 hours per week.

How to become a DJ in BitLife and gain fame instantly?

For those players looking on how to become a DJ in BitLife and get famous overnight, there is a trick. You can buy from the tab ‘’Item’’ the special item called ‘’Hollywood Star’’ within the BitLife Marketplace. This allows you to bypass all the troubling steps to being famous.


While there are tricks like buying a Hollywood star item to become famous, to really become a good DJ through gameplay is to pursue education, creativity, and have a bit of good luck. Be sure to give your character the right skills and make it big in BitLife.

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