How to Rob a Train in BitLife

How to Rob a Train in BitLife?

It is a most exciting choice in BitLife to rob a train. It is a life-changing decision to choose the robbery in the game. However, risk chances are also very high. In this guide, we explain to know how to rob a train successfully.

As the name shows this activity’s purpose is to attack a moving train and get valuable content from the train and messengers as well. There are many options to fall in the step of Criminal Shoes, and many activities are available from pocket-picking to murdering someone. Robbing a train is also an activity for players who are interested in the robbery.

Train robbery has a main requirement of must having 18 plus age category, but if you are not of age 18 then there is an option of “+Age” at the center of the screen in order to change the age. However, if players will change their Age then it can affect their future traits and personality characteristics.

Once you set the age of 18, then there is an option of “Rob a Train”, remember, this is a most complicated crime in the whole game. Players also have to ensure about the game time and time zone alignment.

A successful train robbery contains the following important steps to follow:

  1. At the bottom right of the screen tap “Activity”
  2. From the “Activity” choose the activity of “Crime”
  3. Choose “Rob a Train” by scrolling down
  4. Choose the train and set the time of the robbery.
  5. There should be Game-planned time aligned with the time zone
  6. The actual time table will be as
Midnight11 am
Sunset6 pm
4.20 pm4.20 pm
Noon12 pm
Sunrise6 am
  • When you will plan the time alignment according to the time zone, you will be able to pull of a Robbery.
  • Get their hand on $5-$30 million.
  • Or “Unexpected Delays” will show up

Successful tips to BitLife Train Roberry:

  • Set reminders and alarms to be ready for the exact time of the robbery
  • Follow the timetable and set the time alignments according to your time zone
  • Do no reset your device time or alter it
  • If your time is not set then the train can hit you as well, and your BitLife Character will be killed by the train
  • You have to wait for exact and confirmed time as an old-fashioned way
  • Hope for a good potential reward by the train robbery
  • The risk is also worth the reward
  • Best time is sunset and sunrise in order to choose other time then you can miss rob the train
  • Before arriving at the crime point you have to prepare your crime equipment and also prepare yourself mentally and physically
  • Make sure you have not to die and go to home safely
  • If this activity will be done incorrectly then it will be kill your character
  • If you face all difficulties and do a successful robbery then you will get achievements and will make millions, as you will gain over $5 million in your character’s currency
  • Time schedule and preferences will be make an easy robbery activity

Benefits to Rob A Train in BitLife:

  • You will get a handsome amount and be wealthy
  • Exciting as it adds other proportions to the game
  • Helpful for others players, as they will impress how to get more money and become rich
  • Encourage the players to perform other criminal activities
  • No need any special traits or stat
  • You can rob the train again and again in order to get more money


Is BitLife available on IOS devices?

Yes it is available on both Android and IOS devices.

What do I need to rob a train?

You have to be calm and remain active timely. Setting alarm or reminders are also compulsory for robbing the train.

Can I die in rob a train in BitLife?

Yes, if you fail in achieving the “rob a train” target due to time mismanagement or other activity then you can die or lost your character.

To rob a train is beneficial or not?

Yes it is beneficial as players get wealth and become rich to pass other levels and activities of the BitLife.

What are maximum rewards are there in Train robbery in BitLife?

You can get up to $5 million in your character’s currency and if you are luckier than you can get $10 to $30 million in your character’s currency.

What is most important in the BitLife train robbery?

To manage time is the most important step in the train robbery, your little time mismanagement will failed you and your character can be killed.

What happened if I one Minute late?

Your even one minute late will be fail and miss the train robbery.


BitLife is an amazing game with the interesting life changing activities. In this game there are many criminal and non-criminal activities to get wealth and become rich. Players do all activities to become rich and get the fame.

Rob a train is also an activity that is a potential way to get more money $5 to $30, along with other achievements. Players have to fulfill the basic requirements to train robbery as time management, time zone alignment, age requirements, on time arriving, is patience and keep them active at the time of robbery. A little mistake or mismanagement will lost your character and you will fail the task. It is very interesting but risk taking activity in the whole game that boost players to be get more wealth or money.

Achieving the target successfully is a big success for the players and it also encourages other players to perform this type of criminal activities to get fame and become rich. In BitLife more money can be help players to purchase special content or something that is necessary for the other BitLife activities.

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