How to Marry into Royalty BitLife?

How to Marry into Royalty BitLife?

BitLife players should be familiar with the Royalty BitLife in order to marry, and want a luxury life. Here is a complete guide about marrying into Royalty BitLife.

All BitLife players are not lucky to be born into Royalty BitLife or become a family part of it. However, there are several ways to be a family part of it and marrying in this family as well. On the other hand, it is not easy or simple to enter the BitLife Family. Also check, How to Rob a Train in BitLife?

Some important political ambitions are there for real-world experience and to become a Royalty member. By following the steps below, players can get the family position and prestige.

  1. Choose a nation having a Royalty family as like Japan, Norway, Kuwait, Jordan, Morocco, Malaysia, Netherlands, Qatar, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Monaco, Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain, and United Arab Emirates.
  2. Build up the status and fame
  3. Build up health status
  4. Become Rich
  5. Rich as more to get approach to Royal Family member
  6. Date with that approaching member and marry.

Those players of BitLife who want to marry in the Royal Family should be main step is must to becoming famous. Players have to choose those professions which make them famous like singers, Voiceover actor or Puppeteer. Players must have to implement all steps to become famous.

By focusing on the fame target activities, it is also most important to gaining the healthy life and looks status. Our personality also matters enough because of the appearance to the person of Royal Family in order to be attractive for that person and should have a romantic relationship target-job. Becoming famous, healthful life and appearance status are not easy to achieve at a time. It is very important to marry in the Royal Family to choose healthy lifestyles like going to gym, morning walks, practicing about marriage necessaries, proper diet plan etc. Players can also use plastic surgery to become more handsome or attractive in order to boost their personality.

When players tend to achieve the fame and healthy looks and appearance, then after this their next move is to be active in social media and posting their daily attractive activities to attract themselves to the Royal Family members. They have to attach with the social media until Royal persons contact that player and interested to know more about that person. Players have to create an attractive profile with an attractive profile description.

Players have to set Date Location and Love menu when Royal members contacted. This will make easy for meeting the Royal Family member in an attractive style. Royal Title like Prince or Princess is allowing by the BitLife if players don’t have the God Mode Pack. A successful and profitable business and a healthy Bank Balance make a person attractive as well. It is considered the best job in BitLife to be born in the Royal Family. But with the bad luck if you didn’t born in the Royal Family then you have to be able according to the Royal Family’s tastes and choices, liking and disliking. 

Examples How to Marry Royal Family Member:

  • For Example choose the Saudi Arabia as a Female Player
  • Focus on the high stat Looks, and becoming a Famous Actress by taking Acting Lessons
  • Attempting the Title as Acting Talent from Job Packs
  • Watching and gaining health stat
  • For a fast process use Special Jobs Options to become an actor to get Fame
  • Also can choose full time job openings such as Model, Puppeteer, Writer, Actor or Singer
  • With all them, attain health and wealth
  • By faming, get the Royal member and plan a Date

How to Propose the Royalty:

In Activities > Love > Date, you can deny your choosing options regarding to find Royal Family title. In the Dating App you have to pay money and age range in which Royal Members fall. Then, you have to wait by keeping a positive hope about RNG and also keep work on your Looks and Fame. In the Relationship Tab you have to start your relationship building once you got your Royal Family member to date. After this you have to purchase a proposal Ring for your partner in order to marry with. This is very hard task because to achieve the proposal acceptance and to ready for the marriage with Royal person. If you fail to achieve your target then you have a chance to start over by letting you down.

Which country is famous for Marrying in Royal Family?

Monaco is best and famous country having a specification of Tax haven, when you live in Monaco; you have no need to pay any Tax. Your money saved and you have also no need to earn money to buy something special. Another advantage is a Royal Salary of +/-€40 millions. This is enough to become more rich in the BitLife.

Are Physical activities also tending to be an attractive stat?

Yes, going to gym, keeping you healthy and also participate in Physical activities are important for an attractive stat.

What is important if Players interested in becoming the Royal member of British Royal Family?

If players want to be marrying in the British Royal Family then it is important to pass the Meghan Markle Challenge.

How to inherit Royalty in BitLife?

If you born in the Royal Family then it are automatically inherited in Royalty but if not, then you must have to be a part of Royalty by marrying the Royal member to inherit as well.

Can you become a king of Royalty in BitLife?

No, you cannot become a king of Royalty in BitLife unless to marrying with a king/queen.

How to become rich without Royalty in BitLife?

  • Unlock Fame
  • Join social media
  • Passed this Threshold
  • Verified on Instagram
  • Monetize your YouTube channel
  • Social media Posts
  • Get popular

At last, you can get $1 million per post

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