How to Become a Fashion Designer in BitLife

How to Become a Fashion Designer in BitLife?

Choosing the Fashion Designer Occupation category is very interesting and unique in BitLife. There are many other careers in the game but to obtain this title is hard. Becoming the Fashion Designer is also more fun, as graphic designer has to more work hard and has to get more education. With a Fashion Designer title you will design the dressings or outfits for celebrities and model for a ramp walk and also you will be shine as a brand start in the latest fashion trend world. You will be able to label as a star icon in fashion world as well. Read also: How to Join Goth Clique in BitLife?

Fashion designer is a best choice of the character as “high smart stats”. This occupation has needed to be successful in all of your educational grades to get “high smart stats”. If you already got the “high smart stats” then you have more need to improve it by “regularly visiting the library” and to graduate from the high school.

Once you graduate from high school, now it’s time to click on “Occupation Tab” and under education Choose “Graphic Designer” because it is a main category of Fashion Designer. Now you have to check the job listing in the “Occupation Tab” as “Jr. Fashion Designer role”. This job post is very important for your career success, as you have to pass the interview and win the job and get hired.

When you get hired, you have to do your best and create a strong goodwill in order to get more success and promotions. You will be a simple fashion designer but by getting more promotions, your title will be assigned as a “Sr. Fashion Designer”. To get “Sr. Fashion Designer” title in the BitLife, you have to work hard with a regular effort.

Important Tips to become a Fashion Designer:

  • To create character as a Fashion Designer choose a wise choice.
  • Focusing to Get high stats and creativity in your personality
  • Participate in School/college Fashion activities and attend fashion shows
  • Read out fashion books or magazines and updated fashion news
  • Join fashion related short courses
  • Internships in the institutes or vocational places in order to get more knowledge and practice regarding fashion, arts or textile
  • Get more practical experiences
  • Keep yourself up to date about best fashion related job openings
  • Build your portfolio according to your experiences, and organize the resources in order to launch your Brand
  • Keep knowing about the latest fashion brands news
  • Use social media platforms to remain active in the latest fashion trend activities
  • Start your fashion journey with a positive hope

Fatal Fashionista challenge as Italian Fashion Designer:

Fatal Fashionista challenge has a requirement to become an Italian Fashion Designer. In this challenge players have to murder through having the bribery, players have to take black money and kill someone. Following steps are to be followed in order to complete this challenge:

  • You have to be born as a female in Italy
  • Become a Fashion Designer
  • As a fashion designer kill 3 or more fellows
  • Kill your husband by giving him poison
  • Avoid to arrest by giving bribery to police or criminal cops

By performing these steps you have to be ready for a Fashion Designer, and now you can enjoy by competing other crazy challenges.


What is Jr. Fashion Designer Title?

This is Junior Fashion Designer Title; it is awarded after the high university qualification, getting hired after applying to job openings and attempting a successful interview.

What is Sr. Fashion Designer Title?

This is Senior Fashion Designer Title and to achieving this title, players need to work hard, perform well and getting high promotions.

Do awards affect the Fashion Designers in BitLife?

Yes, Awards regarding the Fashion trends by attempting the Fashion shows, seminars or exhibitions and participating to getting rewards are most valuable for the title of Fashion Designer in the BitLife.

What happened if players will not launching their own Brand?

Launching Brand is most important step to become a Fashion Designer and without your Brand you can be fail to become a successful Fashion Designer in BitLife, and also can fail to achieve the crazy challenges related to Fashion.

Is there any rank of Fashion Designers in BitLife?

Yes, of course, there are many Players who take interest in Fashion Designing and choose it as a career; there are competitions between players to prove you as a Top successful Fashion Designer in BitLife.

Is it easy to choose Fashion Designing as a career?

Nothing is easy to achieving any title or any achievement in the world. No doubt it is an entertaining and interesting career category but here is required very hard work, qualified educational stuff, fashion trends updates, attending seminars and fashion shows, designing style learning etc. However, players have to face many hurdles and difficulties regarding to achieve the goal, but patience and calm is needed to obtain the targets.

Can Character Attributes help in this field of Fashion Designing?

Yes, our personality traits like being stylish, well dressed, talking or eating manners, talking style, fashion tastes, colors values, designing techniques, following celebrities’ choices and tastes are all included in the promotion of Character Attributes and are necessary to build in this field.


It is very crazy and entertaining career choice to become a fashion designer in BitLife. It allows you to gain education and knowledge to qualify as a Fashion Designer. Players have to qualify for the high smart stats by obtaining the best rewards and positions in the educational activities, fashion trends updating, knowing about the latest fashion news and getting the job listing in the Jr. Fashion designer role. Attempting the successful interview and getting hired is very important to start the journey as a Fashion Designer.

Having a great experience and promotions tends to the players on the post of sr. Fashion Designer post.  You have to adopt the techniques or methods about cutting, sewing, styling and presenting the outfits. Players have to be ready for miss-happenings and challenges about the fashion designing activities. Be positive and never lost your hope in the carrier in BitLife.

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